Conference Tracks


Podcast Movement is a conference for podcasters, by podcasters.  Our goal since day one has been to provide a conference that people currently involved with, or looking to get involved with, podcasting can attend to become better at whatever it is they do.

This year, we will be offering 7 “tracks” of sessions.  All breakout sessions and panel discussions will fall into one of these “tracks”.  Some of these sessions will be specifically for beginners, and the schedule will indicate as such prior to the event.  Keynote talks will be more broad, and should appeal to all who are in attendance.


The following tracks will be how each session’s topic is categorized.  As you will see below, these are pretty broad categories, however it will help you determine the overarching goal of each, and help you decide what session during each time is right for you.


This track will teach you everything from the art of storytelling to conducting the best possible interviews for your show.  There will be sessions for beginners as well as advanced sessions that will help you do everything from creating a show from scratch, to making your existing show better.


PM16 will be home to some of the best technical experts in podcasting.  Whether you’re looking for step by step ways to podcast from your mobile devices, trying to figure out what plugs into where, or how to edit like a pro, you’ll find sessions on various topics throughout the week.


Creating great content is part of the battle, but making sure people hear what you’re making is the next big mystery!  You’ll figure out some of the secrets that the world’s most successful podcasters use.  From social media marketing, to email marketing, to using new technology, learn the latest techniques to get your voice heard!


We know that many people podcasting want to know how they can make money with their art.  While it’s not easy, it can be done, and we bring in experts to teach you the different ways to do it.  Learn about getting sponsors and making them work, crowdfunding your podcast, and more.


At PM16 we pride ourselves as the place that brings experts from around the industry together to present sessions unlike any you’ll see together anywhere else.  This is the track that will see the most growth in 2016, but past sessions included an IAB panel on podcast advertising standards, multiple sessions on measurements, and large podcast sponsorships.

Q&A Room

By popular demand, all day every day we will have a Q&A room featuring experts and coaches from the podcast world answering any and all questions about podcasting.  Whether you have a question about hardware, software, or something else, this will be THE PLACE all week to get answers.